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Candles made in the USA - these gel candles by Branding Stove Candles burn clean and beautifully. 

Did you know that gel candles burn twice as long as the typical wax candle? This means these candles are worth the price! It's like getting 2 candles in one since they burn twice as long.

Branding Stove creators have placed decorative objects and other things like glitter and colored rocks in their candles to give them a more personalized touch. Find the candle, size, and scent that fits you best.

  • Schools (They can custom make these for your school)
  • Cowboys
  • Cowgirls
  • Ranchings
  • Rodeo
  • Faith
  • Love
  • Western Lifestyle
  • and much more

10oz, 16oz, and 26oz sizes available.

Candles have flames! Never leave one burning unattended or in an area where children or animals can get near it.