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Tammy’s Outfitters & Boutique: How This Small Business Started

Tammy’s Outfitters & Boutique wasn’t started “just because”. There was a thoughtful reason. To get the whole story of Shelly Gass’s dream for how the store you know and love today started, you need to read on.

The Gass family has been in the Spring Branch, TX area since the family founders arrived in the 1800s. The family descendants helped build this small town. They have seen it grow in leaps and bounds and watched it struggle, too. All the while never wavering and always remaining true to the town like family does; participating in small-town events, volunteering, attending the same family church, and helping others when needed.

Then came 2009.

Tragedy struck the family in 2009 when Tamala Gass-Robertson had a tragic accident and went to be with Our Lord at the young age of 43. While it was tragic it still had a blessing behind it, just as God’s plan always does. You see, the name Tamala is Tammy – the namesake of our small business in Spring Branch, Texas.

Shelly was already thinking about starting a business because, as she says, “If I ever broke a leg, I’d still have something to do.” The passing of her sister Tammy was a catalyst to help make it happen.

Initially, Tammy’s Outfitters & Boutique was called Tammy’s Crafts and More. They were selling more than just crafts and Shelly soon realized the name limited the customers.

To help be known as the “and More” side of the shop, she and her dad, Odean Gass, would haul a wide range of products across the State of Texas to shows. Rent booths at fairs all to get their name out in the other small communities. The Bulverde Community Center was the site of their very first “show”.

This way of business was working; however, it was slow, and to grow Shelly had to make a decision.

Upgraded the dream in 2015 and beyond.

While Shelly continued to focus on her regular job at the Bulverde/Spring Branch Fire and EMS Department she was still going to shows when she could. Then tragedy struck again. The patriarch of the family … her daddy, Odean, went to join Tammy and Jesus.

This time Shelly was laser-focused on not waiting to expand the dream that started 6 years before. While Odean wasn’t here to see this come to fruition, she knows he would be proud. She opened her first storefront. The store was originally located on 281 N just a little north of HWY 46.

2015 is also the year she officially changed the store name to what it is today.

In 2019, Tammy’s Outfitters store location was upgraded to the Adobe Village (just North of the Bridge for locals) 8685 US Hwy 281 N #109.

Gloria Gass, Shelly’s mom now works with her in the store. It’s close to home and of course still in Spring Branch. On any given day you’ll find one of them working.

Every package that gets shipped from Tammy’s is hand-packed with love. The variety of fashionable clothing, other accessories, and home decor are chosen to be part of the store inventory through thoughtful selection.

And the hours of operation are just for you. While the store may be closed during certain hours, our website is always open for business! Tammy’s Outfitters is also able to be found in both Homestead Handcraft locations in San Antonio.

Shelly commits to continue to bring new and exciting clothing lines and accessories to the Texas Hill Country, and maintain a high standard of friendly customer service! By the way, she loves to hear from her customers, so be sure to drop in and say hi or send her a note. It will make her day.

And by all means, join Tammy's Outfitters on our social media pages. Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are our favs (links in footer, but just in case our social handle is @tammysoutfitters).