Why Tiger Hill Clothing Brand?

This collection of clothing by the Tiger Hill brand spans ages and genders. The garments they create are very versatile. Long-sleeved or short-sleeved shirts we have you covered!

Where can you buy a great camouflage shirt?

If you are, or someone you know is, into hunting or fishing we have a TH line that is lightweight and made of top-quality material. This camo collection has both men's and women's options.

We want matching team shirts.

Have a team and you want to have matching shirts? Tammy's can cover your entire team with great size and color selections. Outdoor sports, BBQ, school group, and any other team looking for great camo shirts or Texas-themed attire!

Ranching, hunting, trail rides, ...?

Do your employees have outdoor-type jobs? What about an event facility that needs its employees to look great together and cohesive? This is your place to find those perfect fits for your entire group.

We have a wide selection of Tiger Hill (Houston), Inc. for men, women, and children that allows the family or team to match.